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John Fitzsimons / Sophie Stewart

Company Founder / Company Director


The company was established in 1984 as a key infrastructure provider to mobile telecommunications industry, and has been contracted to support many major UK wide programmes such as GSMR, TPWS and LUL Connect.

In previous years the company was a key UK manufacturer in rail, mobile telecom base stations and aerospace working closely with companies such as Thales, Nokia, Motorola and Network Rail. Multipulse has provided, design, kitting and installation services, as well as establishing manufacturing facilities in the UK as well as in Finland (Finnpulse).

In recent years, Multipulse has specialised in continuing to support the maintenance of the UK rail industry and its signalling systems.

Multipulse’s continuing commitment to support the market is borne out by the fact that it has been continually owned by its founder for coming up to 40 years. The company is proud of its reputation for technical expertise and ability to find solutions for the changing market conditions